Maxwell Wildlife Refuge

McPherson State Fishing Lake

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Friends of maxwell
2565 pueblo road
canton, Ks 67428
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Visitors’ Reviews

This was a great experience! To start off, the staff was genuinely kind and very knowledgeable. On the ride to and from seeing the buffalo (bison is the proper word) the guide explained everything and answered questions (it is much more interesting than I was expecting). Once we got to the buffalo, we stopped and was able to see and hear the buffalo. I really recommend this place! By the way, if you go, let me know what you think the buffalo sound like.

Keith Wisdom

“Very interesting spot to put on your “must do” list. The tour is awesome, very informative while getting up close to buffalo. No elk when we visited but heard February is the best time to see them. It is run by volunteers so only available by reservations. No phone number, just correspondence by email but received a quick response. Will definitely do again.”

Sarah C

“SO. MANY. BISON!!! This was an incredible experience! My visit during calving season was amazing! So many “red dogs” and a few laboring cows made this a day I will never forget! Make sure to enjoy the views at the lake, too! It made for a beautiful day off work today.”

Tami Lakey

FAQs & Rules

Can we bring food and beverages on the tram ride?

We ask that food be left at the tour center until the trip is finished, howeverdrinks are permitted.

Can I bring my pet (S) with me on the tram?

Pets are not allowed on the tram journey, so please leave them at home or inyour vehicle.

Is there wheelchair access on the trams?

You can board any of our trams with only two simple steps. We also have a
wheelchair ramp, with space for up to two wheelchairs. Make the front desk aware that you will require the wheelchair ramp.

Can I drive inside the refuge without joining a Friends of Maxwell tour?

Yes, MWR is open 24/7 and free to drive through on your own.

Will I observe any an imals if I drive through on my own?

When driving through MWR on your own, your odds of spotting wildlife are50/50 because there are 2 acres of main road where wildlife can cross at any time.

In terms of acres, how big is MWR?

Roughly 2,600 acres

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